The Music of Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is a composer and lyricist.  Liz Sumner is a singer who gets first choice of all his songs. We have made beautiful music together since 1987.

Many talented people have joined us along the way. We’ve performed as Lip Service, Fuzzy Logic, and now Complicated People.

Lip Service

In the beginning there was Lip Service with Bobbi Vollendorff and Glenn Austin.

We started in Glenn’s garage playing covers with Jim Terhorst and called ourselves Wax Lips. Jim didn’t want to perform in public so the four of us started playing in open mikes and coffee houses around Bellingham, WA as Lip Service, playing Michael’s songs exclusively.

We recorded two albums engineered by Rick Ruskin, and played together from 1987-1994.

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy had various iterations between 1996 and 2017. Early members included Gina Chase-Pinkney, Gil Chase-Pinkney, Heather Herring, and Mike McGowan. But the ultimate version was:

1 – Michael Cohen
2 – Liz Sumner
3 – Steve Bourque
4 – Elizabeth Nieckoski
5 – Michael Nieckoski
6 – Traci Booth
7 – Steve Armstrong

We recorded two cds, Almost and Snow Shadows.
Special thanks to David Teubner for photos, videos, and engineering.

Complicated People – The Origin

The name, Complicated People, comes from a song Michael wrote in 2008 for the musical Transference. Later it became the title of a series of concerts featuring many performers singing his songs.

Pictured are Mary Armstrong, Liz Sumner, Elizabeth Nieckoski, Cynthia Rodier, Cindy Choate, Chris McCartie, Mia Moravis, Michael Nieckoski, Michael Cohen, Steve Armstrong and Steve Bourque. Not pictured: Casper Bemis, Lindsay Bartlett, Traci Booth, Eleanor Martin , Ray Mahoney.

Also in the productions were Fireside Winds featuring Julie Armstrong on flute, Mary Seaver on clarinet, and Sue Henkel on oboe.

Fireside Winds

Complicated People – Italian Style

We are thrilled to continue the music-making with friends here in Le Marche, Italy including Peter Scharf, Chris Khamis, Mauro Mencaroni, Elena Zito, Cinzia Pianelli, Marco Agostinelli,  and more.

Peter Scharf, Mauro Mencaroni, Chris Khamis, Michael Cohen, Liz Sumner and Pip.